Transaction Advisory

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Advisory is a combination of a wide array of services, at Falak our consultants have engaged in a large number of transactions and have significant experience in the following services:

•Financial management

•Finance restructuring

•Debt and capital advisory

•Private equity advisory

•Business Modelling

•Feasibility analysis

•Business plans

Acquisition Strategy & Screening

Identifying and communicating the philosophy behind the acquisition or merger helps provide a roadmap delivering value to the existing asset or business. Defining a strategy that helps answer questions such as ‘how will this benefit my existing business?’, ‘Is this something that can be successfully integrated with my current assets or businesses?’, ‘Will this lead to greater value in the future?’


At Falak we study your business philosophy in-depth to help you identify those key questions that are important to your business. Post that, we help you answer those questions and come up with clear vision of what you can expect from the acquisition.​

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Post-Merger Integration

Falak consultants realize the need to focus on the softer factors that ensure a successful merger. We understand that the focus for integration once the merger is active should be the following:​

•Aligning the strategic objectives

•Cultural integration

•Optimizing the processes

•Operational synergies.

We can help you uncover tremendous synergies and value from your merger.

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Strategic, Financial & Operational Due Diligences

1. Strategic Due Diligence

The foundation of success for an merger or acquisition deal is laid by understanding whether the potential is practical. We partner with our clients to understand rationale behind the proposed transaction from two standpoints:

•Is the deal commercially inviting?

•Can sustainable value be realized from this deal?

We look to identify value drivers from the deal that can then be articulated to drive the entire process of the acquisition or merger.  We help you have a birds eye view of what to expect.

2. Financial and Operation Due Diligence

All parties in the deal need to ensure that information the hold are accurate and updated. Validating both financial and operational data not only helps capture value sooner but also ensure that possibility of failure is minimized.


At Falak we study and analyze financial and operational nuances of a deal to help make a more informed decision. The nature performing an in-depth study of the finances and operations of a company in a seemingly short period of time makes it imperative that a team such as ours is employed to ensure dedicated research is performed.

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There has been significant advancement in the study of valuations and complex financial models have been designed to arrive at fairly acurate computations of value.


Having said this, at Falak we realize that valuations are as much an art as a science. It is the assumptions that an experienced consultant makes that are decisive in the value of the asset obtained. And this gives us conviction in our claim that we have the requisite skills and experience to create appropriate valuation models and arrive at values for assets with a fair degree of approximation. Our approach is not based only on inputs provided by you, but on the validation and analysis of the inputs to arrive at the correct perimeters that are used in the models so created by us.You will find that our approach is based on Understanding, Analyzing, Assuming and then Arriving at the desired valuation.