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At Falak, we know the importance of business strategy, but more importantly we know formulation is just the beginning, and for any business to become successful the implementation of the strategy is just as critical. Thus, strategy advisory forms the core of our service offering. We work closely with our clients to build strategies which are result-oriented.

Corporate Strategy

We assist businesses in designing their strategy by helping document the following:

•Vision, mission, guiding principles (values) – We not only assist you in discovering these but also help in making these a part of your business as usual.

•Strategic plan: At Falak, we can help you define and document your short term, mid term or long term plan to achieve sustainable and consistent growth. Clear objectives, appropriate strategy, a detailed roadmap and defined monitoring form cornerstones of our solution

•Organizational Structure: We can help identify the most optimal structure for your organization to ensure flexibility as well as effectiveness.

•Product Mix Strategy: We can help identify the most appropriate product strategy to help you better manage your assortment of products

•Pricing strategy


•Stakeholder management: We can help you systematically identify, analyze, plan and implement actions designed to engage with stakeholders.

•Core competencies and differentiation: We can help identify capabilities that can help distinguish you from the crowd.

Growth Strategy

In our experience, though high growth companies have a lot in common, there is no single theory that can be adopted by all. Keeping that in mind, our experience with assisting the growth of companies gives us unique insight into the prerequisites for sustainable growth and how to avoid the major flaws.

•Expansion Strategy:  Should you wish to enter into a high growth phase, Falak can partner with you to determine the most effective strategy to employ.

•Market entry strategy: There are various ways for you to enter a foreign market. At Falak, we can help identify the most appropriate market, assess the market selected, choose the most effective entry option, device the most appropriate business model and implement the plan.

•Franchise Support: At Falak we can help you determine your franchise readiness, develop franchise structure & package, design operating manuals and more.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

At Falak, we can help companies understand, acquire, grow and retain customers. We help companies define strategies by enhancing the customer experience and evolving the customer touch points. Some of the key areas we assist in include:

•Customer insights and analytics: we assist companies understand their market of operation, by helping understand the customer and their behaviors. Basis this we are able to formulate customer insights that can then be converted to actionable plans. Our breadth of work includes: customer insight strategies, qualitative customer and experience research, advanced customer analytics etc.

•Customer acquisition framework: Falak assists its clients in driving business impact by defining the customer journey and devising a comprehensive plan to acquire customers. This includes: defining the customer acquisition roadmap, audience and content management plan, predictive analysis, social media platform strategy, dashboards and analytics, etc.

•Go to market strategy: we help define the roadmap for go to market for our clients service or products by defining a detailed execution plan.

•Sales enablement: This includes defining the end to end sales process, sales analytics, resource mapping to sales strategy etc.

Implementation Support

We believe that a successful implementation of the strategy is as important, if not more important than the strategy definition itself.  Implementation is the process of converting documented strategy to more actionable plans. At Falak, we can help you manage the major pitfalls of implementing a strategy. These include support on the following:

•Defining and managing stakeholders to manage the ownership of strategy

•Devising a comprehensive communication plan

•Integrating the strategy in day to day business

•Defining an effective strategy review process that helps revisit and monitor the strategic goals and intent

•Design a monitoring mechanism, in form of reports, dashboards, retreats to manage the implementation

•Define the accountability matrix

Process and Performance Design

•Development of policies

•Identification and monitoring of KRIs, KPIs and Pis.

•Design and development of Training needs and tailored training and development solutions

•Design and implementation of an Improvement plan

•Design and nurturing and fostering a corporate culture for responsible growth

Leadership Development

•Advisory to the C-suite and senior management

•Development of the C-suite along with coaching

•Advisory at the Board level

•Entrepreneurial leadership mentoring

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