Below are some of the concept notes that we have engineered, these will provide you with useful insight in the subject matters they deal with:​​

Early Governmental Response to COVID-19

The GCC Experience

In this paper we analyze the response of the GCC governments to the COVID-19 Pandemic and assess their effectiveness.

Compliance & Control

The new mantra of the MENA regulators

Almost a decade into the worst financial crisis to hit the world's financial markets, we take a look into the reforms of the regulators in the MENA region.

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization, not cost cutting!

Businesses across the globe have been identifying and implementing various methods to reduce costs in order to maintain acceptable profitability.

This paper answers the question: How do we manage necessary costs to maximize profitability?

Ambulatory Surgery (Day Surgery)

The rising trend in healthcare

Day surgery is now considered as a high quality, safe, and cost-efficient approach to surgical healthcare.

In this paper, we discuss what day surgery is, and what is its future and its impact.

Employee Engagement

Happy and Engaged Employees- The Key to a High Performance Culture

This paper talks about the importance of employee happiness and engagement and the evidence that shows a direct relationship between higher engagement levels and higher performance levels.


E-efforts, expanding horizons

The growth of technology and its involvement in our daily lives has provided governments with a wide variety of tools with which to interact with the public.

This paper looks at leading practices that have emerged across the globe which have provided governments with innovative tools to interact with their constituencies.

ERP Implementation

Stand Out By Creating Value

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems incorporate a wide range of software products that support day-to-day business; operations, inventory and decision-making by automating any data orientated management process.

In this paper, we explore the imperatives to successful ERP implementations.

Family Business Investment Strategy

The type of family investment office you need!

Family investment offices serve to fulfill various functions of a wealthy family. These could range from estate planning, philanthropic pursuits or capital preservation. Certain families tend to outsource the management of wealth to banks or consultants. However, others prefer to manage the entire investment under their own umbrella.

In this paper, we explore a 5-step framework developed by us to help family businesses design a comprehensive investment strategy.

Family Governance

It's all in the family!

Most of the global firms today started as small family businesses. Family participation as managers and/or owners of a business can present unique problems because the dynamics of the family system and the dynamics of the business systems are often not in balance.

In this paper, we discuss the critical issues faced by family businesses in the GCC

GCC Healthcare

Expanding Horizons for a Healthy Future

In this report, we provide a detailed analysis of the healthcare infrastructure in the region with a detailed overview of the available bed capacities, hospitals, specialties, inpatient and outpatient profiles and bed occupancy rates and average lengths of stay for each of the member nations as per latest available data.

We also present an estimate of the bed requirement in the region by 2020 and the addressable market size that industry participants can partake in along with the key demand drivers which would influence growth in future demand.

To read this report in Arabic, Click HERE.

Islamic Banking

The fastest growing segment in the international financial system

Islamic Finance has been able to establish itself as an economically viable, sustainable and stable
financing model.

In this paper, we share our perspective on Islamic banking and compare Islamic banks to conventional banks in the wake of the financial crisis.

Lean Organizations

Redesigning your organization

Lean is a management method which focuses on maximizing customer value and minimizing waste. This method transforms organization’s approach by shifting their focus on technology and asset management to optimizing the flow of products and services.

In this paper, we discuss the beginning of lean, its growth and the core principles behind it.

Risk Frameworks

Integral contribution to Sustenance

Sustainability is a risk management tool for dealing with some unprecedented developments in the world. Identifying the risks associated with increasing global interconnectedness, assessing their potential impact, and developing holistic risk management strategies is becoming a critical leadership component.

In this paper, we look at risk management from a regional perspective in today's business environment.

Small and Medium Enterprises

The growth bearers of the MENA region

The MENA region, among other paradigm shifts, is currently witnessing of growing importance of the SME sector.

This paper attempts to understand the key challenges that this industry segment faces and the measures taken by the various governments around the region to support them.

Telecommunication and Outsourcing

Retaining control while optimizing efficiencies

The telecommunication industry has witnessed more change in the last decade as compared to its entire history. As is the case with other industries that outsource operations, Telecom companies tend to keep core competencies in house and outsource the rest.

In this paper, we look at the outsourcing opportunities and the growing trends in the telecom industry.

The GCC Paint Market

Growing with construction and industrial growth

With an influx of foreign investments in the Middle East, construction has reached new heights in terms of large-scale infrastructural and industrial projects. The paints and coatings market will also reflect the effects of such moves by becoming more dynamic.

In this paper, we look at the paint market in the GCC and its key trends, challenges and competitors.

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