Do you need more information to make key strategic and management decisions?

Dynamic market conditions and quickly evaporating opportunities make management decision making significantly complex. Add to that the growing cost of bad decisions – the loss of time, capability and capacity all compound to make the effect a lot more pronounced. While there will never be a fool proof methodology to ensure 100% effectiveness for each decision made, making well informed and timely decisions will ensure optimal use of all resources and increase the chance of success by a huge margin. So if you are looking to enter a new market it is important to understand what your customers need and want, if you are looking to add new products, you need to visualise the trends and get the correct market intelligence, if you want to price yourself right, you need to know what your consumer is willing to pay and if you want to get more customers in the same market, you need to know what your competition is doing.​


For us, at Falak, the importance of research stems from being able to remove the complexity that every strategic and operational decision presents.​


Thus, we have made research the cornerstone of our advisory services.

We will not tell you what you should do without thoroughly understanding all the stakeholders, their demands and roles in the landscape and their potential reactions to your actions. This gives us the edge in the kind of advice we provide you with.


Types of research:


We perform research to understand the following non-exhaustive list of business metrics and data:

• Consumer behaviour

• Demand and supply analysis

• Competition mapping and landscape

• Trends and their impacts

• Stakeholder analysis

• Market gap analysis

Our research methodology is very basic – we get to the market and observe, enquire, document and analyse. We use secondary research to set the plane and also validate the primary data gathered. And finally we present our analysis in easy to understand templates.

Sometimes we just give out our research to others since we are eventually in it only to make stronger economies and happier societies.