• Suhail Ghazi Algosaibi

Four Things Every C-Suite Executive Must Do in 2020!

Updated: Feb 16

A new year and a new decade are upon us. What better time to make significant changes that will have a positive impact on your company in the following year(s)? Below our advice for 2020:

1) Remember your mission and values!

Your company’s mission, vision and values are probably hanging on the office wall somewhere, but can you recount them all? Let’s be honest with each other, you probably don’t know the whole mission, vision and values document by heart, do you? And if you don’t, what are the chances that your team knows them by heart?

My advice is to make 2020 the year of living your mission statement. This can cause a revival in your organisation and create a bit of a buzz for the new year. An easy trick to remember your mission statement and values is to make them part of your weekly meeting agenda.

2) Focus on innovation:

A huge amount has been written on innovation. There are probably as many innovation models and frameworks as there are innovation authors (Interestingly, they all seem to use Apple as a prime example of how their model/framework works)

Anyway, to me, the two most important pillars of innovation are (1) Being user-focused and (2) having an innovative culture. By user focused I mean focusing on your end user, customer, or client. I suggest making a real effort in trying to understand your customers’ needs and behaviours. Ask yourself, do you really understand them as well as you think you do? Do they perceive your product, service or organisation in the same way you think they do? An in-depth analysis of your customers will be invaluable in innovating new solutions for them.

However, it would be difficult to innovate unless you have a culture that welcomes new ideas from your team, and more importantly, encourages risk-taking and forgives failures. If your culture is not innovative then no matter how well you know your end-user, you will not likely be able to provide meaningful innovation.

3) Look outside of your industry:

Attend a conference that is completely unrelated to your industry. Get a new and fresh perspective. Speak to leading companies and different industries and geographic regions and just ask them about what makes them successful. Be curious and inquisitive. Trust me on this one, you’ll learn a lot and there will be one or two nuggets of wisdom that you can transfer to your firm.

4) Focus on employee experience (so that they can focus on customer experience):

I’m a fanatic advocate of enhancing and maximising customer experience. However, it is important to realise that you cannot separate customer experience from employee experience. If your employee is miserable, now on earth is he or she supposed to make the customer happy?

Personally, I’ve always tried to ensure that the best part of the day for people working for me is the time they spend in the office. Implement this in your company, topped up with some training, and you’ll notice that your customer satisfaction will go up, leading to increased profits. It’s a simple formula really.

Need help in making 2020 the best year of your company’s history? Get in touch with us today, and happy New Year!



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