• Suhail G Algosaibi

Walt Disney’s Remarkable Vision of the Future [Video]

Walt Disney is probably my all time favourite innovator. I’ve read books and watched several documentaries about him. To me, he is entrepreneurship and innovation personified, a true “Unreasonable Thinker”.

Here’s a video of him explaining his vision for The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, better known as EPCOT. There are several interesting things to note about the man:

- Like a true innovator, he envisioned EPCOT as a concept that would never be complete and constantly evolving.

- He believed in thinking several decades ahead.

- He was a master of visual demonstration long before technology made this easy. All animations you see here were hand drawn!

A video worth watching more than once. And for those who are interested in innovation, make sure to join the upcoming Falak Unreasonable Thinking Summit.



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