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Internal communication is one of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement. As the very fabric of an organization changes with a generational leap in the workforce, it is important to understand and engage the employees based on their needs, perceptions and attitudes. The advent of Gen Y and the establishment of Gen X in organizations across the world has made it imperative to relook at how employees have been managed traditionally. The cornerstone of engagement is effective communication. Having an effective communication strategy for employees helps with the following:

- Gives a purpose to the employees – the newer generation of employees are not interested in the politics of an office, they are keen to be contributors from the first day and effective communication can help foster their need for having a purpose thereby increasing their engagement with the organization.

- Greater control over messages and their origin – if the organization manages the communication effectively there is greater control on the messages floating around, this limits rumors and increases transparency.

- Better crisis management – needless to say at times of crisis, radio silence does not help anyone. In order to boost morale and keep employees productive it is important to manage communication.

- Stronger brand promise – internal communication can help align employees with the brand promise and facilitate delivery of superior products and services to customers thereby increasing their satisfaction and retention.

- Better work environment – an organization is considered healthy when there is positive internal communication.

Here is more on our approach and Methodology at Falak Consulting when creating an end-to-end communication plan:

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