• Alyaa Mohamed

How Innovation Keeps Non-Profit Organizations Alive

There has been a lot of emphasis on the effect of innovation on profitable organizations, and how being innovative in everything is a key factor in staying profitable.

However, little has been mentioned about how non-profit organizations survive and stay sustainable through innovation.

There are a few innovative things that these organization have in common that help in staying sustainable:

- Clear purpose, goals, and values:

Non-profit organizations work with a lot of volunteers, and in order for them to stay motivated and connected, they set a clear purpose that everyone is aware of, they have measurable goals that are everyone strives for, and they have clear values that all the members are living and embracing. This way, creating a sense of commitment to the cause allows the members and volunteers to stay motivated and committed to the organization.

- Smart Structures and Internal Cultures:

Organizations with smart structures that allows a proper allocation of talents, and an open-door policy allow a more constructive flow of ideas, which makes it easier to innovate in the organizations.

Simple things like a shared WhatsApp group or access to everyone’s contact details makes it easier for members to share their ideas and contribute to problem-solving creatively, as well as creating a culture, where it is encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them.

- Support Innovation:

Such organizations not only create a culture of innovation, but also foster and support it. It shows through installing a proper reward and recognition system or allowing the person or team that brings up innovative ideas to champion it and seek it through.

- Innovative Marketing:

Recently more than ever, there has been a lot of marketing campaigns that raise awareness of a certain cause through an innovative idea, the ice bucket challenge that went viral in the summer of 2014 is one of them, it raised more than $115m for motor neuron disease in a single month!

Have you as an organization, done any of the above to foster innovation and creative thinking? Tell us about it! At Falak, we are keen on innovation and would love to hear from you.

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