• Suhail Ghazi Algosaibi

200 Days Later- How a 2-Day Summit is Still Enhancing Lives

In May 2017, we had our first Falak Unreasonable Thinking Summit. The 2 day event was attended by startup entrepreneurs, seasoned entrepreneurs, government officials and employees, corporate employees, students and more. At the end of the 2 days, the room was filled with people inspired and ready to act.

But little did we imagine, that even the speakers who spoke at the event would gain such immense benefits from it. The alumni of the 2017 have till date kept in touch and not just that, they have been able to collaborate with each other, and extend their services to each other. These connections that have been created will hopefully last a lifetime. And we wanted to share this very lovely story with you.

Recently, we got in touch with our speakers to invite them to attend the 2018 summit ( in the planning process). We were so delighted to get this email from David Robertson, our keynote speaker (2017) and the authority on Lego's innovation:

"Hello Suhail,

A quick note to tell you about a connection from your Summit that's continuing. I had the great fortune to meet Bart Weetjens and learn about Apopo.org at your Summit. When I started teaching Digital Product Management at MIT, I invited Apopo to give a challenge to the students. They did, and a team developed a prototype for Bart's rat trainers. Currently, the rat trainers use pen and paper to record the location of the land mines discovered by the rats. A team from my class applied the product management techniques from the class to develop an app for the trainers. They plan to continue (on their own time) to develop this into a full application.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the students, and Apopo.org got the time and efforts of some of my best students from the class.

So thanks for hosting an event that continues to bring benefits for many different people around the world.

Warm regards,


Here was Bart's response to this:

"…And thanks so much for taking this initiative with you students Dave.The APOPO organisation is delighted with this support from your group !



We can't be more ecstatic with this exchange, and this really makes us feel like our mission with the summit is accomplished. We can't wait for the next one, and are so excited to be sharing it with you soon!



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