• Suhail Ghazi Algosaibi

How We Provide Amazing Customer Experiences

If you know anything about Falak Consulting, then you would know that we are a values-based company. We are very serious about adhering to our core values.

One of our core values, or guiding principles is "We provide amazing customer experiences." We really believe in engineering a great experience for our clients from their first contact with us till the time we deliver on their project and beyond.

We regularly measure this by sending out an NPS survey and actively asking for feedback. We also do internal debriefs after every project to discuss what we could have done even better to enhance our client's experience.

So you can imagine our excitement and happiness when we receive great feedback and recognition of our work and going above and beyond. We recently received some great feedback from one of our clients, the founders of the Beauty Co.

Deena and her partner Souha had hired us to study and document their HR policy, as well as provide recommendations for HR processes. These powerful women are single handedly running two successful businesses with branches in Dubai and Bahrain, and their growing team was causing some HR issues. So we came in, and with our research and expertise formulated HR practices that perfectly fall in line, their company and their culture. We did this by recognizing their needs, researching laws of both countries and implementing best practices from around the world.

We documented their HR processes and procedures and during the course of the project realized that they needed an implementation plan to introduce and exercise these policies so we added that too. Although this was not part of the original project plan, we felt that it was needed and decided to do this anyway, at no additional cost. After all, we do want to provide great customer service and experience.

The best part is that this was noticed, and appreciated! Trust us, there is no bigger reward than a happy client who appreciates and recognizes your work. This is what they had to say about our services:

"Your team rocks. They made us feel they care about giving us value and they did deliver value. They did not just want to rush finishing the job although they stuck to deadlines, but they did it in a way that showed they care about the quality of work they deliver. I would work with them again and I would very much recommend them to others."

Thank you so much Deena and Souha for your kind words. We really feel like we have lived up to our values.



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