• Suhail G Algosaibi

The Simple Secret to Extraordinary Leadership

It’s true that leadership is a very complex and multifaceted subject, however, there are simple behaviours and habits a leader can implement that transform him or her from an average leader to an extraordinary one.

I’m consistently fascinated by the poor standard of leadership I see around me. Granted, I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive about doing things right, and doing them the right way. However, I don’t think I have ridiculously high standards.

It annoys me how few leaders follow through on their commitments. I’m not talking about elected politicians failing to implement their ambitious campaign promises. I’m referring to everyday managers and CEO’s who attend a meeting, write down their action points (sometimes) and then never deliver. They fail their clients, suppliers and most importantly their subordinates. Notice I said “subordinates”, not followers, as followers need to be earned; But one has subordinates by virtue of one’s position.

So, what is the simple secret to extraordinary leadership? It is this: do what you said you would do, by the deadline you said you would do it by. Simple, right? But ask yourself how often you actually do this, and how many people you know around you in leadership positions do this? In my observation, it’s rare to see leaders do this consistently. I’d go so far as to say we have a leadership crisis, because hardly anyone ever follows through.

Want to be an extraordinary leader? Make less commitments but deliver on 100% of those you do make, and deliver within the deadline you committed to. Do this and you’ll be regarded as a change-maker.



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