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Attention CEO’s! Are You Unknowingly Letting Your Employees Destroy Sales? [Use This Important Tool

So there I was the other day, working out in my home gym at around 6:00 am when I started thinking about Zen-Do Bahrain, the kickboxing school I owned and ran for many years (closed back in 2011 for personal and family reasons).

At one point Zen-Do was the largest martial arts school in Bahrain, and by far the most famous – and I suspect the most financially successful by quite a margin. There were a number of things that made it successful, one of which was its unique and innovative marketing. But this is only part of the story, good marketing is what drives people to your location/store/branch, but it’s good salesmanship that clinches the deal. To be precise, it’s good sales scripts that clinches the deal.

You should never let your sales team “wing” it as it were, but alas it happens far too often. Instead of relying on your employees’ charm or charisma, which is inconsistent at best, have excellent sales scripts that everyone must learn and is trained on.

Below an excerpt from the Zen-Do Bahrain operations manual which shows some of our sales scripts:


Meet and Greet:

The first thing you should do when a customer walks in the door is “Meet and Greet” him. Make eye contact and smile. You can shake hands if you want to. However, if you feel that the person (either male or female) is very conservative and seems uncomfortable shaking hands with the opposite sex, then just nod and smile. Say:

Welcome to Zen-Do! My name is ___________! How can I help you?

This should be said enthusiastically. Most likely the person will respond with his name. Then follow up:

"Welcome [NAME]! Would you like me to show you around"?

The Complementary Tour (Sales Tour):

Before the tour starts, ask the visitor to fill out a Guest Information Form. The Guest Information Forms are located in the filing cabinet drawer under the reception desk. See Appendix 10 for a sample Guest Information Form. Say:

Before we start would you mind filling out this form for me? Fill out the box on the top and the one on the left only. We’ll do the rest together later

After he’s done say:

Please follow me

You should take the following with you,

  1. A Zen-Do brochure.

  2. The collection of FREE reports.

  3. The Guest Information Form form he just filled out.

  4. A copy of the Audio CD entitled The Truth About Zen-Do Revealed.

  5. A price sheet

  6. The class schedule.

  7. A copy of the latest Zen-Do Times Newsletter.

These should already be prepared in an envelope at the reception. The price sheet and class schedule are also available in the cabinet drawer under under the reception desk.

Important Notes on Selling

When you are selling something, anything, it is important to relate features to benefits. A feature, is something a product has, a benefit is what it does for you. If you talk about features only you will not give the other person a reason to buy or join. Some examples:

A car might have airbags. The airbags are FEATURES. The BENEFIT of having them is that they keep you safe and might save your life if you were to have an accident.

A phone might have a camera as a feature. The benefit to you is that you can take pictures anytime without the hassle of carrying around a camera all the time. The benefit is also being able to capture memories in an instant.

Start the tour from the reception and go to the big dojo [training hall] door. Any feature you point out in the dojo (or any other part of the club) has to be related to a benefit for the potential student. Otherwise, you are not selling you are just ‘telling’.

When you start the tour say:

Our facility has been designed by an international Singaporean design firm.”

And walk towards the dojo. Here’s what you should say at the dojo:

As you can see, the dojo floor is covered with mats from wall to wall. These mats have been specially imported from the UK. The benefit of having these mats is it makes your training (or your child’s training) a lot safer. If you fall there is no risk of harm or injury.”

Also, those [punching] bags over there are water filled (point to the relevant bags). This is the latest in punching bag technology! The bags give you (or your child) an excellent workout, again without any risk of harm or injury

Next You Go To Suhail’s Wall of Certificates:

This is what you say:

Sensei Suhail has been doing kickboxing since 1995. He was trained by British, European and World Kickboxing Champion Master Rafael Nieto. He is a member of various international organisations and the only instructor in the Middle East to be certified by the American Council On Martial Arts. You can rest assured that you will receive safe and professional training. All Zen-Do instructors are trained directly by Sensei Suhail


The script goes on for a total of 15 pages, and includes a section on overcoming the most common objections, and the different ways to “close” (i.e. make the sale). I must say I’m still very proud of that script, it has served me well. Whenever a Team Member would leave I would not suffer from any lost know-how as I was not relying on their individual charm. And when a new Team Member would join I would just train them on the new script.

It’s vital that you conduct continuous training on the script for all relevant Team Members, it’s not enough to do it once when they join. At the very least it should be monthly, but ideally you would do it weekly.

Moreover, our sales process was part of a well-structured system that was documented in our operations manual (I suspect Zen-Do was one of very few martial arts schools in the world that had an operations manual). A sales script is vital for any organisation that has a selling aspect to it, even non-profit organisations. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small 5-person martial arts school or a 500-strong team, sales scripts are not only relevant but very doable. Having them will make sure that all of your team is speaking the same (sales) language while giving a constant, high quality customer experience – and of course the greatest benefit is increased sales!

Need help with your sales scripts? Get in touch.



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