• Falak Team

Unreasonable Thinking- Why Lego is Part of our DNA at Falak

We, at Falak, are big fans of lego and I don't mean just the blocks (even though our CEO is an ardent fan of their architecture collection)

At Falak Consulting, we have chosen a handful of companies that excite us and inspire us. They are in various different industries in various different countries, and we aspire to certain attributes of these companies that fall in line with our values. One of those companies is Lego and the attribute that we aspire is to is their creativity and innovation.

We aspire to instill the same creativity and innovation at Falak. And so we are bringing the highest authority on innovation at lego to Bahrain!

David Robertson, the author of the lego innovation best seller book, Brick by Brick, is going to be our keynote speaker at the "Falak Unreasonable Thinking Summit" happening next week. Isn't that exciting!?

If you don't know about the lego story, here is a very inspiring video to show you what I mean:



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