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A message from Suhail Algosaibi


Dear potential Falakonian,


Thank you for your interest in being part of the Falak family.   Please read this page carefully before applying.


Hiring at Falak is sporadic...

We go through phases where we might be hiring for several months, and then other periods where we won’t hire anyone for a very long time.  Our hiring needs depend entirely on the business cycle. Either way, you are welcome to apply, but we cannot make any promises.


What kind of people are we looking for?

Falak Consulting is a values-based, purpose-driven strategy and innovation consultancy.  Our purpose is to build stronger economies and happier societies by unlocking business and human potential.

We’re looking for skilled, hard-working individuals who want to make the world a better place. We’re looking for individuals who have the technical skills to become consultants, but who also fit into, and thrive, in our culture.


We’re looking for dedicated people who are proactive, communicative, team-players, respectful, and customer-oriented, while at the same time don’t take life too seriously.  We believe that professionalism and fun can coexist perfectly - and we’re proof of that!


What’s it like working here?

Working for Falak is fun and fulfilling.  Yes you’ll have to learn quickly and work hard, but I guarantee you that you’ll always be treated with respect, listened to, and have the opportunity to contribute and grow.  


The application process

Please note, you must follow the application process outlined here to be considered for employment.  Any application that does not follow our process will be ignored.


What happens next?

Unfortunately, as we’re a small team we don’t have a dedicated HR department like you might find in some larger companies.  Therefore you’ll only hear from us if we’re hiring, and that might take two to three weeks or more.  If you’ve not heard from us during this period it probably means that we won’t proceed with your application, sorry.


For applications that we’d like to pursue we’ll be in touch via email.  We usually conduct anywhere from three to five interviews.  The first one or two will be over the phone, followed by two or more face-to-face interviews.  The whole process takes several weeks.  We want to make sure we hire the right person; someone who has the skills and mindset we require, and just as importantly, will fit into our culture and follow our Guiding Principles at all times.  Moreover, depending on where they are in their career, most new Team Members are expected to start with us on an internship basis at first. 


Well, that’s it.  Thanks for dropping by and look forward to hearing from you. 

Team Member Feedback:

"After working for 9 years with Suhail as his General Manager in another business, he offered me a job as a consultant in Falak Consulting.


"Working for him, I had gained much expertise in operations and management throughout my years, and now it was time to pass on this knowledge to help other businesses grow. That was the first thing I learned about being a consultant, to apply your knowledge and expertise, where needed, to help someone else. The learning curve was steep, and I found myself thinking in ways I had never thought before. 


"Being surrounded by geniuses and experts in strategy, transactions and leadership was at times overwhelming, but extremely productive. It gave me the greatest opportunity to learn and grow. And seeing businesses develop, grow and become better by the work we had done, was very fulfilling.


 "What I value most and what I love the most is the team I was surrounded by, and the purpose that we upheld. Our purpose is to build stronger economies and happier societies. What could be more wonderful and more motivating than that?


"The knowledge I gained by working to solve the problems in other businesses has helped in my entrepreneurial journey immensely. I value the team and their capability immensely, and when I needed support to start my own business, I actually turned to them. And I'm extremely honoured to have them as part of my venture. The Falak team continue to advise me, guide me and I value their input and expertise and have great confidence in their ability to enhance my business.


"The Falakonian Way and the Guiding Principles are in my DNA and I use the same Guiding Principles in my own company now. Not just because they sound great, but because they work, and because every person in the Falak team lives by them, including me still."


- Saba Saleem Warsi, Founder of The Stories Studio and proud Falakonian

"Working at Falak provided me a rewarding, challenging and fun career. I am thrilled by the impact the falakonians (including myself) have created by providing adequate insights to executives in solving some of their most difficult problems.  


“On every project, we learned to get to the heart of the problem and show our clients the way forward, often on topics they have not been able to tackle in the past.  The culture is very supportive to my professional and personal growth. The team in Falak is a family and we are proud to call ourselves Falakonians. If you reach out to any Falakonian for support, you will always get a response that is even more helpful than you would have expected. In the end I will say it is one of the best places to start your career."


 - Mohammed Usman Baig

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