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Attention Corporate Leaders: Four Ways To Motivate Your Staff and Align Your Company’s Human Element

I was consulting a CEO the other day who was complaining about the challenges she is facing with motivating and retaining staff. She also had to recently fire people who just didn’t fit in. I told her that she needed to bring her staff into alignment with her company’s goals. “How??” she asked me enthusiastically. I’ll share what I told her with you today. 1. Starts with staff recruitment and socialisation: When hiring, don’t just hire for job skills but for cultural fit as well. Once you’ve finished the interview, start informing the potential recruit about your company’s long-term goals, and spend time explaining your culture. This will help the new recruit decide if this is the right

Senior Bahrain Economist says “Farewell to the status quo: The time to innovate has come!”

A talk by Dr. Jarmo Kotilaine, the Chief Economist – Market & Strategy Intelligence in the Economic Development Board (EDB) in Bahrain, during the Falak Unreasonable Thinking Summit 2018. The Falak Unreasonable Thinking Summit is a 2-day forum on innovation, disruption and “Unreasonable” thinking. The purpose of the summit is to educate and inspire the Bahraini business community, especially startup entrepreneurs. And to show the kingdom of Bahrain in a positive light and help position it as a center for creativity, innovation, and excellence. To know more about the event, follow us on Insta: @FalakConsulting and @Unreasonable_Thinking and visit our website: UnreasonableThinking.com

The fourth industrial revolution – Is the regional workforce ready?

We in the Middle East are fortunate enough to have the youngest population in the world at this current point in time. This has only been enhanced with increasing levels of education in our region. The potential of our young and dynamic population to contribute to the economic growth in the region is tremendous. However, this requires significant preparation to ready the workforce for the fourth industrial revolution – the digital revolution. It requires leaders from business and government to understand and plan for the future. Here are some facts that can help us understand the current situation as it stands: The World Economic Forums Human Capital Index has found that the region currently

3 Signs Your Business Is Going to Fail

Everyone’s seen the data: Ninety percent of startups fail. Less aggressive, but equally deflating, data indicates only 50 percent make it to their fifth year. But what none of the data provides is a way for fledgling businesses to identify failure looming on the horizon. While scary statistics are certainly good motivators and useful for setting realistic expectations among first-time entrepreneurs, they don’t empower entrepreneurs to learn from others’ mistakes. With so many business owners apparently failing at establishing stable businesses, they must have piles of information on what went wrong and what they would have done differently. Luckily, a few entrepreneurs have pinpointed red fl